Clicky® Review

CLICKY® WEB ANALYTICS promotes itself as an easy to use program that is not as confusing and as information intensive as other web analytics programs. They are not saying that their program does less, or that it is not as effective. They are just stating the obvious, that not everyone needs to know as much as Google Analytics provides. As an on-site application, Clicky gives you a snippet of code to place on your website. Your data is then tracked and placed in a handy, user-ready format, so that you can analyze your numbers and try to find opportunities for added revenue and improved website performance.

The service is offered at and is free for one website, up to three thousand daily page views. Prices then move up incrementally depending on the number of sites registered and the daily page views. They do, however, offer a free trial, so that you can make your final decision on the product before committing to a specific price package. And, although Clicky themselves have not developed the various Apps and Plugins that are available, their product is diverse enough that developers have created an excellent selection of plugins compatible with Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal, in addition to, the Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web.

Like other web stats tracking programs, Clicky summarizes the data by:

  • number of visitors,
  • how long visitors stay on particular pages,
  • referring websites or inbound links,
  • searches or traffic based on individual keywords and phrases,
  • country origination of IP addresses,
  • traffic sources such as search engines,
  • browsers used including mobile,
  • and entrance and exit pages.

One feature that Clicky does provide that many others do not is activity on outbound links. Being able to know what links are clicked and by how many people can give you an idea of your conversions. If for example, thousands of people click an affiliate link, and you never receive any sales, then you know there is a problem. You still have to investigate and get further information, but at least you know where to start.

Furthermore, Clicky can be integrated with a Twitter or Feedburner account, and can be used to track various advertising campaigns. Split tests can be created along with specific goals. Reports can be viewed online by logging into the Clicky interface or by requesting emails. The user dashboard is fully customizable so that you can get to the right information in a quick and easy process. Often, there are certain stats that you want to see immediately to make determinations about your progress. Plus, not everyone views the same stats as priorities.

For webmasters who track productivity through shortened URLs or redirects, Clicky offers their own URL shortener ( which integrates nicely with their system. By keeping everything uniform, there is less chance of lost data. Lastly, hosting companies and other individuals who have clients that require tracking website statistics, Clicky can be branded so that it appears to your clients that it is your own program.